Sun Studio 12: Debugging a Program With dbx

Showing Logical Operators

dbx can locate Fortran logical operators and print them.

To show logical operators in dbx, type:

demo% cat ShowLogical.f
        LOGICAL a, b, y, z
        a = .true.
        b = .false.
        y = .true.
        z = .false.
demo% f95 -g ShowLogical.f
demo% dbx a.out
(dbx) list 1,9
    1           LOGICAL a, b, y, z
    2           a = .true.
    3           b = .false.
    4           y = .true.
    5           z = .false.
    6           END
(dbx) stop at 5
(2) stop at "ShowLogical.f":5
(dbx) run
Running: a.out
(process id 15394)
stopped in MAIN at line 5 in file "ShowLogical.f"
    5           z = .false.
(dbx) whatis y
logical*4 y
(dbx) print a .or. y
a.OR.y = true
(dbx) assign z = a .or. y
(dbx) print z
z = true
(dbx) quit