Sun Studio 12: Debugging a Program With dbx

Static and Dynamic Information Used by dbx Commands

Much of the information about a Java application is normally available only after the JVM software has started, and is unavailable after the Java application has finished executing. However, when you debug a Java application with dbx, dbx gleans some of the information it needs from class files and JAR files that are part of the system class path and user class path before it starts the JVM software. This allows dbx to do better error checking on breakpoints before you run the application.

Some Java classes and their attributes might not be accessible through the class path. dbx can inspect and step through these classes, and the expression parser can access them, once they are loaded. However, the information it gathers is temporary and is no longer available after the JVM software terminates.

Some information that dbx needs to debug your Java application is not recorded anywhere so dbx skims Java source files to derive this information as it is debugging your code.