Sun Studio 12: Debugging a Program With dbx

Examples of Using an Address

The following examples show how to use an address with count and format options to display five successive disassembled instructions starting from the current stopping point.

For SPARC based systems:

(dbx) stepi
stopped in main at 0x108bc
0x000108bc: main+0x000c: st    %l0, [%fp - 0x14]
(dbx) x 0x108bc/5i
0x000108bc: main+0x000c: st    %l0, [%fp - 0x14]
0x000108c0: main+0x0010: mov   0x1,%l0
0x000108c4: main+0x0014: or    %l0,%g0, %o0
0x000108c8: main+0x0018: call  0x00020b90 [unresolved PLT 8: malloc]
0x000108cc: main+0x001c: nop

For x86 based systems:

(dbx) x &main/5i
0x08048988: main       :  pushl  %ebp
0x08048989: main+0x0001:  movl   %esp,%ebp
0x0804898b: main+0x0003:  subl   $0x28,%esp
0x0804898e: main+0x0006:  movl   0x8048ac0,%eax
0x08048993: main+0x000b:  movl   %eax,-8(%ebp)