Sun Studio 12: Debugging a Program With dbx

Using the listi Command

To display source lines with their corresponding assembly instructions, use the listi command, which is equivalent to the command list -i. See the discussion of list -i in Printing a Source Listing.

For SPARC based systems:

(dbx) listi 13, 14
   13       i = atoi(argv[1]);
0x0001083c: main+0x0014:  ld      [%fp + 0x48], %l0
0x00010840: main+0x0018:  add     %l0, 0x4, %l0
0x00010844: main+0x001c:  ld      [%l0], %l0
0x00010848: main+0x0020:  or      %l0, %g0, %o0
0x0001084c: main+0x0024:  call    0x000209e8 [unresolved PLT 7: atoi]
0x00010850: main+0x0028:  nop
0x00010854: main+0x002c:  or      %o0, %g0, %l0
0x00010858: main+0x0030:  st      %l0, [%fp - 0x8]
   14       j = foo(i);
0x0001085c: main+0x0034:  ld      [%fp - 0x8], %l0
0x00010860: main+0x0038:  or      %l0, %g0, %o0
0x00010864: main+0x003c:  call    foo
0x00010868: main+0x0040:  nop
0x0001086c: main+0x0044:  or      %o0, %g0, %l0
0x00010870: main+0x0048:  st      %l0, [%fp - 0xc]

For x86 based systems:

(dbx) listi 13, 14
   13       i = atoi(argv[1]);
0x080488fd: main+0x000d:  movl   12(%ebp),%eax
0x08048900: main+0x0010:  movl   4(%eax),%eax
0x08048903: main+0x0013:  pushl  %eax
0x08048904: main+0x0014:  call   atoi <0x8048798>
0x08048909: main+0x0019:  addl   $4,%esp
0x0804890c: main+0x001c:  movl   %eax,-8(%ebp)
   14       j = foo(i);
0x0804890f: main+0x001f:  movl   -8(%ebp),%eax
0x08048912: main+0x0022:  pushl  %eax
0x08048913: main+0x0023:  call   foo <0x80488c0>
0x08048918: main+0x0028:  addl   $4,%esp
0x0804891b: main+0x002b:  movl   %eax,-12(%ebp)