Sun Studio 12: Debugging a Program With dbx

Native Mode Syntax

call procedure ([parameters]) [-lang language] [-resumeone]


language is the language of the called procedure.

procedure is the name of the procedure.

parameters are the procedure’s parameters.

You can also use the call command to call a function; to see the return value use the print command (see print Command).

Occasionally the called function hits a breakpoint. You can choose to continue using the cont command (see cont Command), or abort the call by using pop -c (see pop Command). The latter is useful also if the called function causes a segmentation fault.

The -lang option specifies the language of the called procedure and tells dbx to use the calling conventions of the specified language. This option is useful when the procedure being called was compiled without debugging information and dbx does not know how to pass parameters.

The -resumeone option resumes only one thread when the procedure is called. For more information, see Resuming Execution.