Sun Studio 12: Debugging a Program With dbx

collector Command

The collector command collects performance data for analysis by the Performance Analyzer. It is valid only in native mode.

Note –

The collector command is available only on Solaris platforms.


collector command_list

Specify one or more of the collector commands

collector archive options

Specify the mode for archiving an experiment when it terminates (see collector archive Command).

collector dbxsample options

Control the collection of samples when dbx stops the target process (see collector dbxsample Command).

collector disable

Stop data collection and close the current experiment (see collector disable Command).

collector enable

Enable the collector and open a new experiment (see collector enable Command).

collector heaptrace options

Enable or disable collection of heap tracing data (see collector heaptrace Command)

collector hwprofile options

Specify hardware counter profiling settings (see collector hw_profile Command).

collector limit options

Limit the amount of profiling data recoreded (see collector limit Command).

collector mpitrace options

Enables or disables collection of MPI tracing data (see collector mpitrace Command).

collector pause

Stop collecting performance data but leave experiment open (see collector pause Command).

collector profile options

Specify settings for collecting callstack profiling data (see collector profile Command).

collector resume

Start performance data collection after pause (see collector resume Command).

collector sample options

Specify sampling settings (see collector sample Command

collector show options

Show current collector settings (see collector show Command).

collector status

Inquire status about current experiment (see collector status Command).

collector store options

Experiment file control and settings (see collector store Command).

collector synctrace options

Specify settings for collecting thread synchronization wait tracing data (see collector synctrace Command).

collector tha options

Specify settings for collecting thread analyzer data (see collector tha Command.

collector version

Report the version of that would be used to collect data (see collector version Command).


options are the settings that can be specified with each command.

To start collecting data, type either collector enable.

To turn off data collection, type collector disable.

collector archive Command

The collector archive command specifies the archiving mode to be used when the experiment terminates.


collector archive on|off|copy

By default, normal archiving is used. For no archiving, specify off. To copy loadobjects into the experiment for portability, specify copy.

collector dbxsample Command

The collector dbxsample command specifies whether or not to record a sample when the process is stopped by dbx.


collector dbxsample on|off

By default, a sample is collected when the process is stopped by dbx. To not collect a sample at this time, specify off.

collector disable Command

The collector disable command causes the data collection to stop and the current experiment to be closed.


collector disable

collector enable Command

The collector enable command enables the collector and opens a new experiment.


collector enable

collector heaptrace Command

The collector heaptrace command specifies options for collecting heap tracing (memory allocation) data.


collector heaptrace on|off

By default, heap tracing data is not collected. To collect this data, specify on.

collector hw_profile Command

The collector hw_profile command specifies options for collecting hardware-counter overflow profiling data.


collector hwprofile on|off

By default, hardware-counter overflow profile data is not collected. To collect this data, specify on.

collector hwprofile list

Print out the list of available counters.

collector hwprofile counter name interval [name2 interval2]

Specify hardware counter name(s) and interval(s).


name is the name of a hardware counter.

interval is the collection interval in milliseconds.

name2 is the name of a second hardware counter.

interval2 is the collection interval in milliseconds.

Hardware counters are system-specific, so the choice of counters available to you depends on the system you are using. Many systems do not support hardware-counter overflow profiling. On these machines, the feature is disabled.

collector limit Command

The collector limit command specifies the experiment file size limit.


collector limit value


value, in megabytes, limits the amount of profiling data recorded. When the limit is reached, no more profiling data is recorded but the experiment remains open and sample points continue to be recorded. The default limit on the amount of data recorded is 2000 Mbytes.

collector mpitrace Command

The collector mpitrace command specifies options for collecting MPI tracing data.


collector mpitrace on|off

By default, MPI tracing data is not collected. To collect this data, specify on.

collector pause Command

The collector pause command causes the data collection to stop but leaves the current experiment open. Sample points are not recorded while the Collector is paused. A sample is generated prior to a pause, and another sample is generated immediately following a resum. Data collection can be resumed with the collector resume command (see collector resume Command).


collector pause

collector profile Command

The collector profile command specifies options for collecting profile data.


collector profile on|off

Specify profile data collection mode.

collector profile timer interval

Specify profile timer period, fixed or floating point, with an optional trailing m for milliseconds or u for microseconds.

collector resume Command

The collector resume command causes the data collection to resume after a pause created by the collector pause command (see collector pause Command).


collector resume

collector sample Command

The collector sample command specifies the sampling mode and the sampling interval.


collector sample periodic|manual

Specify sampling mode.

collector sample period seconds

Specify sampling interval in seconds.

collector sample record [name]

Record a sample with an optional name.


seconds is the length of the sampling interval.

name is the name of the sample.

collector show Command

The collector show command shows the settings of one or more categories of options.


collector show all

Show all settings.

collector show archive

Show archive setting.

collector show profile

Show call stack profiling settings.

collector show synctrace

Show thread synchronization wait tracing settings.

collector show hwprofile

Show hardware counter data settings.

collector show heaptrace

Show heap tracing data settings.

collector show limit

Show experiment size limits.

collector show mpitrace

Show MPI trace data settings.

collector show sample

Show sample settings.

collector show store

Show store settings.

collector show tha

Show thread analyzer data settings.

collector status Command

The collector status command inquires about the status of the current experiment.


collector status

collector store Command

The collector store command specifies the directory and file name where an experiment is stored.


collector store directory pathname

Specify directory where experiment is stored.

collector store filename filename

Specify experiment file name.

collector store group string

Specify experiment group name.


pathname is the pathname of the directory where an experiment is to be stored.

filename is the name of the experiment file

string is the name of an experiment group.

collector synctrace Command

The collector synctrace command specifies options for collecting synchronization wait tracing data.


collector synctrace on|off

By default, thread synchronization wait tracing data is not collected. To collect this data, specify on.

collector synctrace threshold milliseconds

Specify threshold in microseconds. The default value is 1000.

collector synctrace threshold calibrate

Threshold value will be calculated automatically.


microseconds is the threshold below which synchronization wait events are discarded.

collector tha Command


collector tha on|off

By default, thread analyzer data is not collected. To collect this data, specify on.

collector version Command

The collector version command reports the version of that would be used to collect data.


collector version