Sun Studio 12: Debugging a Program With dbx


loadobject -list [regexp] [-a]

Show currently loaded load objects (see loadobject -list Command

load -load loadobject

Load symbols for specified load object (see loadobject -load Command).

load -unload [regexp]

Unload specified load objects (see loadobject -unload Command).

load -hide [regexp]

Remove load object from dbx's search algorithm (see loadobject -hide Command).

loadobject -use [regexp]

Add load object to dbx's search algorithm (see loadobject -use Command).

load -dumpelf [regexp]

Show various ELF details of the load object (see loadobject -dumpelf Command).

loadobject -exclude ex_regexp

Don't automatically load load objects matching ex_regexp (see loadobject -exclude Command).

loadobject exclude -clear

Clear the exclude list of patterns (see loadobject -exclude Command).


regexp is a regular expression. If it is not specified the command applies to all load objects.

ex-regexp is not optional, it must be specified.

This command has a default alias lo.