Sun Studio 12: Debugging a Program With dbx

Java Mode Syntax


Step one line (step over calls). With multithreaded programs when a function call is stepped over, all LWPs (lightweight processes) are implicitly resumed for the duration of that function call in order to avoid deadlock. Non-active threads cannot be stepped.

next n

Step n lines (step over calls).

next ... thread_id

Step the given thread.

next ... lwp_id

Step the given LWP. Will not implicitly resume all LWPs when stepping over a function.


n is the number of lines to step.

thread_id is a thread identifier.

lwp_id is an LWP identifier.

When an explicit thread_id or lwpid is given, the deadlock avoidance measure of the generic next command is defeated.

Note –

For information on lightweight processes (LWPs), see the Solaris Multithreaded Programming Guide. threaded Programming Guide.