Sun Studio 12: Debugging a Program With dbx

showmemuse Command

The showmemuse command shows memory used since last showmemuse command. It is valid only in native mode.

Note –

The showmemuse command is available only on Solaris platforms.

A one line report per “block in use” record is printed. The commands sorts the reports according to the combined size of the blocks. Any leaked blocks since the last showleaks command (see showleaks Command) are also included in the report.


showmemuse [-a] [-m <m>] [-n number] [-v]


-a shows all the blocks in use (not just the blocks since the last showmemuse command).

-m m combines the blocks in use reports. The default value of m is 2 or the global value last given with the check command (see check Command). If the call stack at the time of allocation for two or more blocks matches m frames then these blocks are reported in a single combined report. If the -m option is given, it overrides the global value of m.

-n number shows up to number records in the report. The default is 20.-v generates verbose output. The default is to show non-verbose output.