Sun Studio 12: Debugging a Program With dbx

Native Mode Syntax


Print a procedure traceback.

where number

Print the number top frames in the traceback.

where -f number

Start traceback from frame number.

where -fp address_expression

Print traceback as if fp register hadaddress_expression value.

where -h

Include hidden frames.

where -l

Include library name with function name.

where -q

Quick traceback (only function names).

where -v

Verbose traceback (include function args and line info).


number is a number of call stack frames.

Any of the above forms may be combined with a thread or LWP ID to obtain the traceback for the specified entity.

The -fp option is useful when the fp (frame pointer) register is corrupted, in which event dbx cannot reconstruct call stack properly. This option provides a shortcut for testing a value for being the correct fp register value. Once you have identified the correct value has been identified, you can set it with an assign command or lwp command.