Sun Studio 12: Fortran Library Reference getc: Get Next Character From stdin

The function is called by:

INTEGER*4 getc

status = getc( char )




Next character 

Return value 



status=0: OK

status=-1: End of file

status>0: System error code or f95 I/O error code

Example: getc gets each character from the keyboard; note the Control-D (^D):

       character char
       INTEGER*4 getc, status
       status = 0
       do while ( status .eq. 0 )
         status = getc( char )
         write(*, ’(i3, o4.3)’) status, char
       end do

After compiling, a sample run of the above source is:

demo% a.out
ab            Program reads letters typed in
0 141         Program outputs status and octal value of the characters entered
0 142            141 represents ’a’, 142 is ’b’
0 012            012 represents the RETURN key
^D               terminated by a CONTROL-D.
-1 377        Next attempt to read returns CONTROL-D

For any logical unit, do not mix normal Fortran input with getc().