Sun Studio 12: Fortran User's Guide

1.9 Command-Line Help

You can view very brief descriptions of the f95 command line options by invoking the compiler’s -help option as shown below:

%f95 -help=flags
Items within [ ] are optional. Items within < > are variable parameters.
Bar | indicates choice of literal values.
-someoption[={yes|no}] implies -someoption is equivalent to -someoption=yes
-a                 Collect data for tcov basic block profiling
-aligncommon[=<a>] Align common block elements to the specified 
                   boundary requirement; <a>={1|2|4|8|16}
-ansi              Report non-ANSI extensions.
-autopar           Enable automatic loop parallelization
-Bdynamic          Allow dynamic linking
-Bstatic           Require static linking
-C                 Enable runtime subscript range checking
-c                 Compile only; produce .o files but suppress