Sun Studio 12: Fortran User's Guide

2.2.8 Fortran 95 Modules

f95 automatically creates module information files for each MODULE declaration encountered in the source files, and searches for modules referenced by a USE statement. For each module encountered (MODULE module_name), the compiler generates a corresponding file, module_name.mod, in the current directory. For example, f95 generates the module information file list.mod for the MODULE list unit found on file mysrc.f95 .

See the -Mpath and -moddir dirlist option flags for information on how to set the defaults paths for writing and searching for module information files.

See also the -use compiler option for implicitly invoking MODULE declarations in all compilation units.

Use the fdumpmod(1) command to display information about the contents of a .mod module information file.

For detailed information, see 4.9 Module Files.