Sun Studio 12: Fortran User's Guide

3.2 Options Syntax

Typical compiler option formats are:

Table 3–1 Options Syntax

Syntax Format  








–flag value

–o outfile

The following typographical conventions are used when describing the individual options:

Table 3–2 Typographic Notations for Options



Example: Text/Instance  

[ ] 

Square brackets contain arguments that are optional. 


-O4, -O

{ } 

Curly brackets (braces) contain a set of choices for a required option. 



The “pipe” or “bar” symbol separates arguments, only one of which may be chosen.



The colon, like the comma, is sometimes used to separate arguments. 




The ellipsis indicates omission in a series. 



Brackets, pipe, and ellipsis are meta characters used in the descriptions of the options and are not part of the options themselves.

Some general guidelines for options are: