Sun Studio 12: Fortran User's Guide

3.3.2 Macro Flags

Some option flags are macros that expand into a specific set of other flags. These are provided as a convenient way to specify a number of options that are usually expressed together to select a certain feature.

Table 3–5 Macro Option Flags

Option Flag  



-xmemalign=8s -aligncommon=16




See description of —fast for complete current expansion.


-fns -ftrap=common


-xinterval=widestneed -ftrap=%none -fns=no -fsimple=0


-xinterval=strict -ftrap=%none -fns=no -fsimple=0


-xarch=a -xcache=b -xchip=c

Settings that follow the macro flag on the command line override or add to the the expansion of the macro.