Sun Studio 12: Fortran User's Guide

3.4.18 –d{y|n}

Allow or disallow dynamic libraries for the entire executable.

The default, if not specified, is -dy.

Unlike -Bx, this option applies to the whole executable and need appear only once on the command line.

–dy|–dn are loader and linker options. If you compile and link in separate steps with these options, then you need the same option in the link step.

In a 64-bit Solaris environment, many system libraries are not available only as shared dynamic libraries. These include and (libm.a and libc.a are not provided). This means that -dn and -Bstatic may cause linking errors in 64-bit Solaris environments and 32-bit x86 Solaris platforms, and all 32-bit Solaris platforms starting with the Solaris 10 release. Applications must link with the dynamic libraries in these cases.