Sun Studio 12: Fortran User's Guide

3.4.44 –hname

Specify the name of the generated dynamic shared library.

This option is passed on to the linker. For details, see the Solaris Linker and Libraries Guide, and the Fortran Programming Guide chapter “Libraries.”

The -hname option records the name name to the shared dynamic library being created as the internal name of the library. A space between -h and name is optional (except if the library name is elp, for which the space will be needed). In general, name must be the same as what follows the -o. Use of this option is meaningless without also specifying -G.

Without the -hname option, no internal name is recorded in the library file.

If the library has an internal name, whenever an executable program referencing the library is run the runtime linker will search for a library with the same internal name in any path the linker is searching. With an internal name specified, searching for the library at runtime linking is more flexible. This option can also be used to specify versions of shared libraries.

If there is no internal name of a shared library, then the linker uses a specific path for the shared library file instead.