Sun Studio 12: Fortran User's Guide

3.4.107 -vax=keywords

Specify choice of VAX VMS Fortran extensions enabled.

The keywords specifier must be one of the following suboptions or a comma-delimited list of a selection of these.


Interpret blanks in formatted input as zeros on internal files.  


Interpret lines starting with the character ’D’ to be regular Fortran statements rather than comments, as in VMS Fortran. 


Interpret unformatted record size to be in words rather than bytes. 


Layout components of a VAX structure in memory as in VMS Fortran, without padding. Note: this can cause data misalignments, and should be used with —xmemalign to avoid such errors.


Enable all these VAX VMS features. 


Disable all these VAX VMS features. 

Sub-options can be individually selected or turned off by preceeding with no%.