Sun Studio 12: Fortran User's Guide

3.4.108 –vpara

Show verbose parallelization messages.

As the compiler analyzes loops explicitly marked for parallelization with directives, it issues warning messages about certain data dependencies it detects; but the loop will still be parallelized.

Example: Verbose parallelization warnings:

demo% f95 -explicitpar -vpara any.f
 MAIN any:
"any.f", line 11: Warning: the loop may have parallelization inhibiting reference

Use with -xopenmp and OpenMP API directives, or with -explicitpar and C$MIC DOALL legacy parallelization directives.

Warnings are issued with the compiler detects the following situations:

No warnings appear if all parallelization directives are processed without issues.

Note –

Sun Studio compilers support the OpenMP API parallelization model. Consequently, C$MIC parallelization directives are deprecated. See the OpenMP API User’s Guide for information on migrating to the OpenMP API.