Sun Studio 12: Fortran User's Guide

3.4.157 –xpagesize=size

Set the preferred page size for the stack and the heap.

On SPARC platforms, the size value must be one of the following:

8K 64K 512K 4M 32M 256M 2G 16G or default

On x86 platforms, the size value must be one of the following:

4K 2M 4M or default

For example: -xpagesize=4M

Not all these page sizes are supported on all platforms and depend on the architecture and Solaris environment. The page size specified must be a valid page size for the Solaris operating environment on the target platform, as returned by getpagesizes(3C). If it is not, the request will be silently ignored at run-time. The Solaris environment offers no guarantee that the page size request will be honored.

You can use pmap(1) or meminfo(2) to determine if your running program received the requested page size.

If you specify -xpagesize=default, the flag is ignored; -xpagesize specified without a size value is equivalent to -xpagesize=default.

This option is a macro for the combination -xpagesize_heap=size -xpagesize_stack=size. These two options accept the same arguments as -xpagesize: 8K, 64K, 512K, 4M, 32M, 256M, 2G, 16G, default. You can set them both with the same value by specifying -xpagesize=size or you can specify them individually with different values.

Compiling with this flag has the same effect as setting the LD_PRELOAD environment variable to with the equivalent options, or running the Solaris 9 command ppgsz(1) with the equivalent options, before starting the program. See the Solaris 9 man pages for details.