Sun Studio 12: Fortran User's Guide

Appendix B Features Release History

This Appendix lists the new and changed features in this release and previous releases of the Fortran 95 compiler.

The Fortran 95 compiler, version 8.3, is a component released with Sun Studio 12.

B.1 Sun Studio 12 Fortran Release

B.2 Sun Studio 11 Fortran Release

B.3 Sun Studio 10 Fortran Release:

B.4 Sun Studio 9 Fortran Release:

B.5 Sun Studio 8 Fortran Release:

B.6 Sun ONE Studio 7, Compiler Collection (Forte Developer 7) Release:

the command:
    f77 options files libraries
becomes a call to the f95 compiler::
    f95 -f77=%all -ftrap=%none options files -lf77compat libraries

See 4.12 Mixing Languages for details on Fortran 77 compatibilities and incompatibilities.

Feature histories for releases prior to Forte Developer 7 can be found in the documentation sets for those earlier releases on the web site.