Sun Studio 12: Fortran User's Guide

3.4.59 –mp={%none|sun|cray}

Select Sun or Cray parallelization directives.

Note –

The Sun and Cray parallelization directives have been deprecated. Use the OpenMP parallelization API instead. The OpenMP API User’s Guide describes how to migrate applications to OpenMP.

The default without specifying -explicitpar is -mp=%none.

The default with -explicitpar is -mp=sun.


Accept Sun–style directives: C$PAR or !$PAR prefix.


Accept Cray–style directives: CMIC$ or !MIC$ prefix.


Ignore all parallelization directives. 

You must also specify -explicitpar (or -parallel) to enable parallelization. For correctness, also specify -stackvar:

-explicitpar -stackvar -mp=cray

To compile for OpenMP parallelization, use the -xopenmp flag. See 3.4.155 –xopenmp[={parallel|noopt|none}].

Sun and Cray directives cannot both be active in the same compilation unit.

A summary of the Sun and Cray parallelization directives appears in Table C–1 in this manual. See the Fortran Programming Guide for details.