Sun Studio 12: Performance Analyzer

Function-Level Metrics: Exclusive, Inclusive, and Attributed

The Performance Analyzer computes three types of function-level metrics: exclusive metrics, inclusive metrics and attributed metrics.

For a function that only appears at the bottom of call stacks (a leaf function), the exclusive and inclusive metrics are the same.

Exclusive and inclusive metrics are also computed for load objects. Exclusive metrics for a load object are calculated by summing the function-level metrics over all functions in the load object. Inclusive metrics for load objects are calculated in the same way as for functions.

Exclusive and inclusive metrics for a function give information about all recorded paths through the function. Attributed metrics give information about particular paths through a function. They show how much of a metric came from a particular function call. The two functions involved in the call are described as a caller and a callee. For each function in the call tree:

The relationship between the metrics can be expressed by the following equation:

Equation showing the relationship between metrics

Comparison of attributed and inclusive metrics for the caller or the callee gives further information:

To locate places where you could improve the performance of your program: