Sun Studio 12: Performance Analyzer

Moving Experiments

If you want to move an experiment to another computer to analyze it, you should be aware of the dependencies of the analysis on the operating environment in which the experiment was recorded.

The archive files contain all the information necessary to compute metrics at the function level and to display the timeline. However, if you want to see annotated source code or annotated disassembly code, you must have access to versions of the load objects or source files that are identical to the ones used when the experiment was recorded.

The Performance Analyzer searches for the source, object and executable files in the following locations in turn, and stops when it finds a file of the correct basename:

You can change the search order or add other search directories from the Analyzer GUI or by using the setpath and addpath directives.

To ensure that you see the correct annotated source code and annotated disassembly code for your program, you can copy the source code, the object files and the executable into the experiment before you move or copy the experiment. If you don’t want to copy the object files, you can link your program with -xs to ensure that the information on source lines and file locations are inserted into the executable. You can automatically copy the load objects into the experiment using the -A option of the collect command or the dbx collector archive command.