Sun Studio 12: Performance Analyzer

Output Subcommands

The following subcommands define storage options for the experiment. They are ignored with a warning if an experiment is active.

archive mode

Set the mode for archiving the experiment. The allowed values for mode are

If you intend to move the experiment to a different machine, or read it from another machine, you should enable the copying of load objects. If an experiment is active, the command is ignored with a warning. This command does not copy source files or object files into the experiment.

limit value

Limit the amount of profiling data recorded to value megabytes. The limit applies to the sum of the amounts of clock-based profiling data, hardware counter overflow profiling data, and synchronization wait tracing data, but not to sample points. The limit is only approximate, and can be exceeded.

When the limit is reached, no more profiling data is recorded but the experiment remains open and sample points continue to be recorded.

The default limit on the amount of data recorded is 2000 Mbytes. This limit was chosen because the Performance Analyzer cannot process experiments that contain more than 2 Gbytes of data. To remove the limit, set value to unlimited or none.

store option

Governs where the experiment is stored. This command is ignored with a warning if an experiment is active. The allowed values for option are: