Sun Studio 12: Performance Analyzer

The Functions Tab

The Functions tab shows a list consisting of functions and their metrics. The metrics are derived from the data collected in the experiment. Metrics can be either exclusive or inclusive. Exclusive metrics represent usage within the function itself. Inclusive metrics represent usage within the function and all the functions it called.

The list of available metrics for each kind of data collected is given in the collect(1) man page. Only the functions that have non-zero metrics are listed.

Time metrics are shown as seconds, presented to millisecond precision. Percentages are shown to a precision of 0.01%. If a metric value is precisely zero, its time and percentage is shown as “0.” If the value is not exactly zero, but is smaller than the precision, its value is shown as “0.000” and its percentage as “0.00”. Because of rounding, percentages may not sum to exactly 100%. Count metrics are shown as an integer count.

The metrics initially shown are based on the data collected and on the default settings read from various .er.rc files. When the Performance Analyzer is initially installed, the defaults are as follows:

If more than one type of data has been collected, the default metrics for each type are shown.

The metrics that are shown can be changed or reorganized; see the online help for details.

To search for a function, use the Find tool. For further details about the Find tool, refer to Finding Text and Data.

To select a single function, click on that function.

To select several functions that are displayed contiguously in the tab, select the first function of the group, then Shift-click on the last function of the group.

To select a several functions that are not displayed contiguously in the tab, select the first function of the group, then select the additional functions by Ctrl-clicking on each function.

When you click the Compose Filter Clause button on the toolbar, the Filter dialog box opens with Advanced tab selected and the Filter clause text box loaded with a filter clause that reflects the selection(s) in the Functions tab.