Sun Studio 12: Performance Analyzer

The MemoryObjects Tabs

Each MemoryObjects tab shows the metric values for dataspace metrics attributed to the various memory objects such as pages. If one or more of the loaded experiments contains a dataspace profile, you can select the memory objects for which you want to display tabs in the Tabs tab of the Set Data Presentation dialog box. Any number of MemoryObjects tabs can be displayed.

Various MemoryObject tabs are predefined. You can define a custom memory object by clicking the Add Custom Object button in the Set Data Presentation dialog box to open the Add Memory Objects dialog box.

A radio button on each MemoryObjects tab lets you select either a Text display or a Graphical display. The Text display is similar to the display in the DataObjects tab and uses the same metric settings. The Graphical display shows a graphical representation of the relative values for each memory object, with a separate histogram for each metric sorted by the data sort metric.

When you click the Compose Filter Clause button on the toolbar, the Filter dialog box opens with Advanced tab selected and the Filter clause text box loaded with a filter clause that reflects the selections in the MemoryObjects tab.