Sun Studio 12: Performance Analyzer

Default Settings for Analyzer

The Analyzer processes directives from an .er.rc file in the current directory, if present; from a .er.rc file in your home directory, if present; and from a system-wide .er.rc file. These files can contain default settings for which tabs are visible when you load an experiment into the Analyzer. The tabs are named by the er_print command for the corresponding report except for the Experiments tab and the Timeline tab.

The .er.rc files can also contain default settings for metrics, for sorting, and for specifying compiler commentary options and highlighting thresholds for source and disassembly output. They also specify default settings for the Timeline tab, and for name formatting, and setting View mode. The files can also contain directives to control the search path or pathmaps for source files and object files.

The .er.rc files can also contain definitions for custom MemoryObjects and IndexObjects.

The .er.rc files can also contain a setting for en_desc mode to control whether or not descendant experiments are selected and read when the founder experiment is read. The setting for en_desc may be on, off, or =regexp to specifying reading and loading all descendants, no descendants, or reading and loading those descendants whose lineage or executable name match the given regular expression, respectively.

In the Analyzer GUI, you can save an .er.rc file by clicking the Save button in the Set Data Presentation dialog, which you can open from the View menu. Saving an .er.rc file from the Set Data Presentation dialog box not only affects subsequent invocations of the Analyzer, but also the er_print utility and er_src utility.