Sun Studio 12: Performance Analyzer

Commands That Set Defaults

You can use the following commands to set the defaults for er_print and for the Performance Analyzer. You can use these commands only for setting defaults: they cannot be used as input for the er_print utility. They can be included in a defaults file named .er.rc.Commands that apply only to defaults for the Performance Analyzer are described in Commands That Set Defaults Only For the Performance Analyzer.

You can include a defaults file in your home directory to set defaults for all experiments, or in any other directory to set defaults locally. When the er_print utility, the er_src utility, or the Performance Analyzer is started, the current directory and your home directory are scanned for defaults files, which are read if they are present, and the system defaults file is also read. Defaults from the .er.rc file in your home directory override the system defaults, and defaults from the .er.rc file in the current directory override both home and system defaults.

Note –

To ensure that you read the defaults file from the directory where your experiment is stored, you must start the Performance Analyzer or the er_print utility from that directory.

The defaults file can also include the scc, sthresh , dcc, dthresh, cc, setpath, addpath, pathmap, name, mobj_define, indxobj_define, tabs, rtabs, and viewmode commands. You can include multiple dmetrics, dsort, addpath, pathmap, mobj_define, and indxobj_define commands in a defaults file, and the commands from all .er.rc files are concatenated. For all other commands, the first appearance of the command is used and subsequent appearances are ignored.

dmetrics metric_spec

Specify the default metrics to be displayed or printed in the function list. The syntax and use of the metric list is described in the section Metric Lists. The order of the metric keywords in the list determines the order in which the metrics are presented and the order in which they appear in the Metric chooser in the Performance Analyzer.

Default metrics for the Callers-Callees list are derived from the function list default metrics by adding the corresponding attributed metric before the first occurrence of each metric name in the list.

dsort metric_spec

Specify the default metric by which the function list is sorted. The sort metric is the first metric in this list that matches a metric in any loaded experiment, subject to the following conditions:

The syntax and use of the metric list is described in the section Metric Lists.

The default sort metric for the Callers-Callees list is the attributed metric corresponding to the default sort metric for the function list.

en_desc { on | off | =regexp}

Set the mode for reading descendant experiments to on (enable all descendants) or off (disable all descendants). If the =regexp is used, enable data from those experiments whose lineage or executable name matches the regular expression.