Sun Studio 12: Performance Analyzer

Inlined Functions

An inlined function is a function for which the instructions generated by the compiler are inserted at the call site of the function instead of an actual call. There are two kinds of inlining, both of which are done to improve performance, and both of which affect the Analyzer.

Both kinds of inlining have the same effect on the display of metrics. Functions that appear in the source code but have been inlined do not show up in the function list, nor do they appear as callees of the functions into which they have been inlined. Metrics that would otherwise appear as inclusive metrics at the call site of the inlined function, representing time spent in the called function, are actually shown as exclusive metrics attributed to the call site, representing the instructions of the inlined function.

Note –

Inlining can make data difficult to interpret, so you might want to disable inlining when you compile your program for performance analysis.

In some cases, even when a function is inlined, a so-called out-of-line function is left. Some call sites call the out-of-line function, but others have the instructions inlined. In such cases, the function appears in the function list but the metrics attributed to it represent only the out-of-line calls.