Sun Studio 12: Performance Analyzer


If your code contains Sun, Cray, or OpenMP parallelization directives, it can be compiled for parallel execution on multiple processors. The compiler commentary indicates where parallelization has and has not been performed, and why. The following shows an example of parallelization computer commentary.

0.       6.324       9. c$omp  parallel do shared(a,b,c,n) private(i,j,k)
0.       0.    
                   Loop below parallelized by explicit user directive
                   Loop below interchanged with loop on line 12
0.010    0.010     [10]            do i = 2, n-1

                   Loop below not parallelized because it was nested in a parallel loop
                   Loop below interchanged with loop on line 12
0.170    0.170      11.               do j = 2, i

For more details about parallel execution and compiler-generated body functions, refer to Overview of OpenMP Software Execution.