Sun Studio 12: Performance Analyzer

-j option

Enable Java profiling when the target program is a JVM. The allowed values of option are:

The -j option is not needed if you want to collect data on a .class file or a .jar file, provided that the path to the java executable is in either the JDK_HOME environment variable or the JAVA_PATH environment variable. You can then specify the target program on the collect command line as the .class file or the .jar file, with or without the extension.

If you cannot define the path to java in the JDK_HOME or JAVA_PATH environment variables, or if you want to disable the recognition of methods compiled by the Java HotSpot virtual machine you can use the -j option. If you use this option, the program specified on the collect command line must be a Java virtual machine whose version is not earlier than 1.5_03. The collect command verifies that program is a JVM, and is an ELF executable; if it is not, the collect command prints an error message.

If you want to collect data using the 64-bit JVM, you must not use the -d64 option to java for a 32-bit JVM. If you do so, no data is collected. Instead you must specify the path to the 64-bit JVM either in the program argument to the collect command or in one of the environment variables given in this section.