Sun Studio 12: Performance Analyzer

The Menu Bar

The menu bar contains a File menu, a View menu, a Timeline menu, and a Help menu.

The File menu is for opening, adding, and dropping experiments and experiment groups. The File menu allows you to collect data for an experiment using the Performance Analyzer GUI. For details on using the Performance Analyzer to collect data, refer to Recording Experiments. From the File menu, you can also create a mapfile, which is used to optimize the size of an executable or optimize its effective cache behavior. For more details on mapfiles, refer to Generating Mapfiles and Function Reordering.

The View menu allows you to configure how experiment data is displayed.

The Timeline menu, as its name suggests, helps you to navigate the timeline display, described in Analyzer Data Displays.

The Help menu provides online help for the Performance Analyzer, provides a summary of new features, has quick-reference and shortcut sections, and has a troubleshooting section.