Sun Studio 12: Performance Analyzer


Print the callers-callees panel for each of the functions, in the order specified by the function sort metric (sort).

Within each caller-callee report, the callers and callees are sorted by the caller-callee sort metrics (csort). You can limit the number of panels written by using the limit command (see Commands That Control Output). The selected (center) function is marked with an asterisk, as shown in this example.

Attr.     Excl.     Incl.      Name
User CPU  User CPU  User CPU
 sec.      sec.       sec.
4.440     0.        42.910     commandline
0.        0.         4.440    *gpf
4.080     0.         4.080     gpf_b
0.360     0.         0.360     gpf_a

In this example, gpf is the selected function; it is called by commandline, and it calls gpf_a and gpf_b.