Sun Studio 12: Performance Analyzer


When a signal is sent to a process, various register and stack operations occur that make it look as though the leaf PC at the time of the signal is the return address for a call to a system function, sigacthandler(). sigacthandler() calls the user-specified signal handler just as any function would call another.

The Performance Analyzer treats the frames resulting from signal delivery as ordinary frames. The user code at the point at which the signal was delivered is shown as calling the system function sigacthandler(), and sigacthandler() in turn is shown as calling the user’s signal handler. Inclusive metrics from both sigacthandler() and any user signal handler, and any other functions they call, appear as inclusive metrics for the interrupted function.

The Collector interposes on sigaction() to ensure that its handlers are the primary handlers for the SIGPROF signal when clock data is collected and SIGEMT signal when hardware counter overflow data is collected.