Sun Studio 12: Performance Analyzer

Metric Formats

The four possible formats for the metrics that can appear on a line of annotated source code are explained in Table 8–1.

Table 8–1 Annotated Source-Code Metrics




No PC in the program corresponds to this line of code. This case should always apply to comment lines, and applies to apparent code lines in the following circumstances: 

  • All the instructions from the apparent piece of code have been eliminated during optimization.

  • The code is repeated elsewhere, and the compiler performed common subexpression recognition and tagged all the instructions with the lines for the other copy.

  • The compiler tagged an instruction from that line with an incorrect line number.


Some PCs in the program were tagged as derived from this line, but no data referred to those PCs: they were never in a call stack that was sampled statistically or traced. The 0. metric does not indicate that the line was not executed, only that it did not show up statistically in a profiling data packet or a recorded tracing data packet.


At least one PC from this line appeared in the data, but the computed metric value rounded to zero. 


The metrics for all PCs attributed to this line added up to the non-zero numerical value shown.