Sun Studio 12: C User's Guide

2.6 long long Data Type

When you compile with -xc99=none, the Sun C compiler includes the data-types long long, and unsigned long long, which are similar to the data-type long. The long long data-type stores 64 bits of information; long stores 32 bits of information on SPARC V8 and x86. The long data-type stores 64 bits on SPARC V9. The long long data-type is not available in -Xc mode.

2.6.1 Printing long long Data Types

To print or scan long long data types, prefix the conversion specifier with the letters ll. For example, to print llvar, a variable of long long data type, in signed decimal format, use:

printf("%lld\n", llvar);

2.6.2 Usual Arithmetic Conversions

Some binary operators convert the types of their operands to yield a common type, which is also the type of the result. These are called the usual arithmetic conversions: