Sun Studio 12: C User's Guide

A.1.5 Parallelization Options

Table A–5 Parallelization Options Table




Macro option that expands to -D_REENTRANT -lthread.


(SPARC) Turns on automatic parallelization for multiple processors.


(SPARC) Adds a runtime check for stack overflow.


(SPARC) Analyzes loops for inter-iteration data dependencies and does loop restructuring. 


(SPARC) Generates parallelized code based on specification of #pragma MP directives.


(SPARC) Shows which loops are parallelized and which are not.


(SPARC) Supports the OpenMP interface for explicit parallelization including a set of source code directives, run-time library routines, and environment variables


(SPARC) Parallelizes loops both automatically by the compiler and explicitly specified by the programmer.


(SPARC) Turns on reduction recognition during automatic parallelization.


(SPARC) Treats pointer-valued function parameters as restricted pointers. 


(SPARC) Warns about loops that have #pragma MP directives specified but may not be properly specified for parallelization.


(SPARC) Controls the implementation of thread local variables. 


(SPARC) Creates the program database for lock_lint, but does not generate executable code.