Sun Studio 12: C User's Guide

A.1.6 Source-Code Options

Table A–6 Source-Code Options Table




Associates name as a predicate with the specified tokens as if by a #assert preprocessing directive.


Prevents the preprocessor from removing comments, except those on the preprocessing directive lines.


Associates name with the specified tokens as if by a #define preprocessing directive.


Runs the source file through the preprocessor only and sends the output to stdout.


Reports K&R-style function definitions and declarations.


Prints to standard error, one per line, the path name of each file included during the current compilation.


Adds directories to the list that is searched for #include files with relative file names.


Runs the source file through the C preprocessor only.


Removes any initial definition of the preprocessor symbol name.


The -X options specify varying degrees of compliance to the ISO C standard.


Accepts the C++-style comments.


Controls compiler recognition of supported C99 features.


Helps with migration from systems where char is defined as unsigned.


Allows the C compiler to accept source code written in locales that do not conform to the ISO C source character code requirements


Runs only the preprocessor on the named C programs, requesting that it generate makefile dependencies and send the result to the standard output


Collects dependencies like -xM, but excludes /usr/include files.


Generates makefile dependencies like -xM but includes compilation.


Specifies a filename which stores makefile dependency information.


Generates makefile dependencies but excludes system headers.


Prints prototypes for all K&R C functions defined in this module


Prepares the object code to collect data for profiling with gprof(1).


Determines recognition of trigraph sequences.


Enables recognition of string literals composed of sixteen-bit characters.