Sun Studio 12: C User's Guide

A.1.8 Compilation-Mode Options

Table A–8 Compilation-Mode Options Table




Turns on verbose mode, which shows how command options expand and shows each component as it is invoked.


Shows each component as it would be invoked, but does not actually execute it. Also shows how command options expand.


Ensures compatibility between old binaries with extern inline functions and new binaries.


Retains temporary files created during compilation instead of deleting them automatically.


Directs cc to print the name and version ID of each component as the compiler executes.


Passes arguments to C compilation-system components.


The -X options specify varying degrees of compliance to the ISO C standard.


Controls compiler recognition of supported C99 features.


Preserves the sign of a char


Displays on-line help information.


Sets how many processes the compiler creates.


Reduces compile time for applications whose source files share a common set of include files.


Can be used in conjunction with -xpch to specify the last include file of the viable prefix.


Sets the directory for temporary files used by cc to dir.


Reports the time and resources used by each compilation component.


Specifies a new directory for the location of a C compilation-system component.


Changes the default directory searched for components.


Changes the default directory searched for include files.


Changes the default directory for finding library files.


Changes the default directory for startup object files.