Sun Studio 12: C User's Guide

A.1.9 Diagnostic Options

Table A–9 Diagnostic Options Table




Prefix error messages with string “error:” for ready distinction from warning messages.


Limits the warnings from header files to a specified group. 


Suppresses compiler warning messages.


Control how much detail is in the error message produced by the compiler when it discovers a type mismatch.


Displays the message tag for each warning message.


If the indicated warning message is issued, cc exits with a failure status.


Directs the compiler to perform stricter semantic checks and to enable other lint-like checks.


Suppresses compiler warning messages.


Performs only syntax and semantic checking on the source file, but does not produce any object or executable code.


”Issues warnings for the differences between K&R C and Sun ISO C.


(SPARC) Warns about loops that have #pragma MP directives specified but may not be properly specified for parallelization.