Sun Studio 12: C User's Guide

A.1.11 Linking and Libraries Options

Table A–11 Linking and Libraries Options Table




Specifies whether bindings of libraries for linking are static or dynamic.


Specifies dynamic or static linking in the link editor.


Passes the option to the link editor to produce a shared object rather than a dynamically linked executable.


Assigns a name to a shared dynamic library as a way to have different versions of a library.


Passes the option to the linker to ignore any LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting.


Adds directories to the list that the linker searches for libraries.


Links with object library, or libname.a.


Removes duplicate strings from the .comment section of the object file.


Removes all strings from the .comment section. Can also insert a string in that section of the object file.


Emits or does not emit identification information to the output file.


Passes a colon-separated list of directories used to specify library search directories to the runtime linker.


Merges data segments into text segments.


Specify code address space.


Controls the default scope of variable and function definitions to create faster and safer shared libraries.


Does not link any libraries by default


Does not inline math library routines.


Inserts string literals into the read-only data section of the text segment instead of the default data segment.