Sun Studio 12: C User's Guide

B.2.13 -errshort[=i]

Use this option to control how much detail is in the error message produced by the compiler when it discovers a type mismatch. This option is particularly useful when the compiler discovers a type mismatch that involves a large aggregate.

i can be one of the following:

Table B–3 The -errshort Flags




Error messages are printed in short form with no expansion of types. Aggregate members are not expanded, neither are function argument and return types. 


Error messages are printed in full verbose form showing the full expansion of the mismatched types. 


Error messages are printed with tag names for types which have tag names. If there is no tag name, the type is shown in expanded form. 

If you do not specify -errshort, the compiler sets the option to -errshort=full. If you specify -errshort, but do not provide a value, the compiler sets the option to -errshort=tags.

This option does not accumulate, it accepts the last value specified on the command line.