Sun Studio 12: C User's Guide

B.2.83 -xdebugformat=[stabs|dwarf]

Specify -xdebugformat=dwarf if you maintain software which reads debugging information in the dwarf format. This option causes the compiler to generate debugging information by using the dwarf standard format and is the default.

Table B–22 The -xdebugformat Flags




-xdebugformat=stabs generates debugging information using the stabs standard format.


-xdebugformat=dwarf generates debugging information using the dwarf standard format (default).

If you do not specify -xdebugformat, the compiler assumes -xdebugformat=dwarf. This option requires an argument.

This option affects the format of the data that is recorded with the -g option. Some small amount of debugging information is recorded even without -g, and the format of that information is also controlled with this option. So -xdebugformat has an effect even when -g is not used.

The dbx and Performance Analyzer software understand both stabs and dwarf format so using this option does not have any effect on the functionality of either tool.

See also the dumpstabs(1) and dwarfdump(1) man pages for more information.