Sun Studio 12: C User's Guide

B.2.153 -xvis

(SPARC) Use the -xvis=[yes|no] command when you are using the assembly-language templates defined in the VIS[tm] instruction-set Software Developers Kit (VSDK). The default is -xvis=no. Specifying -xvis is equivalent to specifying -xvis=yes.

The VIS instruction set is an extension to the SPARC v9 instruction set. Even though the UltraSPARC processors are 64-bit, there are many cases, especially in multimedia applications, when the data are limited to eight or 16 bits in size. The VIS instructions can process four 16-bit data with one instruction so they greatly improve the performance of applications that handle new media such as imaging, linear algebra, signal processing, audio, video and networking.

For more information on the VSDK, see