Sun Studio 12: C++ User's Guide

12.3 Related Library Options

The CC driver provides several options to help you use libraries.

example% CC -library=rwtools7,iostream

example% CC -library=gc -staticlib=gc

example% CC -compat=4 -staticlib=libC

example% CC -library=no%Crun,no%Cstd

By default, CC links various sets of system libraries depending on the command line options. If you specify -xnolib (or -nolib), CC links only those libraries that are specified explicitly with the -l option on the command line. (When -xnolib or -nolib is used, the -library option is ignored, if present.)

The –R option allows you to build dynamic library search paths into the executable file. At execution time, the runtime linker searches these paths for the shared libraries needed by the application. The CC driver passes– R/opt/SUNWspro/lib to ld by default (if the compiler is installed in the standard location). You can use -norunpath to disable building the default path for shared libraries into the executable.