Sun Studio 12: C++ User's Guide

3.3.3 Compile-Time and Link-Time Options

The following table lists the options that must be specified both at link-time and at compile-time.

Table 3–4 Compile-Time and Link-Time Options




Selects the optimum combination of compilation options for speed of executable code.


Specifies the memory model for the compiled binary object. 


Macro option that expands to -D_REENTRANT -lthread.


Specify instruction set architecture.


Turns on automatic parallelization for multiple processors.


(SPARC) Enables compiler support for hardware counter-based profiling.


Performs whole-program optimizations by invoking an interprocedural analysis component.


Performs link-time optimizations on relocatable object files.


(SPARC) Specify maximum assumed memory alignment and behavior of misaligned data accesses.


Supports the OpenMP interface for explicit parallelization including a set of source code directives, run-time library routines, and environment variables


Sets the preferred page size for the stack and the heap.


Sets the preferred page size for the heap.


Sets the preferred page size for the stack.


Prepares the object code to collect data for profiling with gprof(1).


Collects data for a profile or uses a profile to optimize.


Enable automatic generation of calls to the vector library functions.