Sun Studio 12 Installation Reference Guide

Graphical User Interface Installer

The graphical user interface installer lets you choose which components and subcomponents of the Sun Studio 12 software you want to install. It automatically runs the system preparation tool to check your system for the prerequisite software, and lets you install any missing software.

To start the graphical user interface installer, type the following in the download directory:

./installer &

Note –

To install the Sun Studio 12 software on a Solaris server for use by clients with a different architecture, include the -a client_architecture option when you start the installer. To install the software on a SPARC based server for use by x86 based clients, client_architecture is intel-S2. To install the software on an x86 based server for use by SPARC based clients, client_architecture is sparc-S2.

Software License Agreement

The Software License Agreement page displays the software license agreement and offers you the choice of accepting it or not. If you click Yes (Accept License), the installer proceeds to the next page. If you click No, the installer asks you if you want to exit. You cannot continue with installation until you accept the software license agreement.

Select Options: Install Tab

The Install tab of the Select Options page includes:

Select Options: Advanced Options Tab

The Advanced options tab of the Select Options page offers options you might want to select when installing on a server:

Select Components

On the Select Components page, you can select which components of the Sun Studio 12 software you want to install. The disk space requirement for each component is displayed. By default, all three components (Compilers and Tools, Performance Library, and Third-party Source Code) are installed. You can select a component you do not want to install by clicking its checkbox.

You can also choose to install only selected subcomponents of the Compilers and Tools component. To do so, click the + icon next to the component to expand it. Then select any subcomponent you do not want to install by clicking its checkbox.

Ready to Install

This page lists the Sun Studio 12 components to be installed and the total amount of disk space required. When you click Install Now, the installation begins.


This page displays a progress bar that tracks the progress of the installation. It includes a Stop button that allows you to stop the installation.

Post-Installation Setup

This page is displayed if there are any post-installation steps to be performed. The page lists steps you requested on Select Options page, such as installing missing prerequisite software and copying the prerequisite software to a server. If Sun Studio 12 product patches are available for installation, they are installed unless you click the Disable button.

Installation Summary

This page lists the status of the installation after it has completed. Click Details next to each component to see information on the packages that were installed. Click Close to exit the installer.