Man Page Operators.3

                       Standard C++ Library
             Copyright 1998, Rogue Wave Software, Inc.



      - Operators for the C++ Standard Template Library.


     #include <utility>
     namespace rel_ops {
     template <class T>
     bool operator!= (const T&, const T&);

     template <class T>
     bool operator> (const T&, const T&);

     template <class T>
     bool operator<= (const T&, const T&);

     template <class T>
     bool operator>= (const T&, const T&);


     To avoid redundant definitions of operator!= out  of  opera-
     tor==  and  of operators >, <=, and >= out of operator<, the
     library includes these definitions:

         operator!=(x,y) returns !(x==y)

         operator>(x,y)  returns y<x

         operator<=(x,y) returns !(y<x)

         operator>=(x,y) returns !(x<y)

     To avoid clashes with other global operators, these  defini-
     tions are contained in the namespace rel_ops.   To use them,
     either scope explicitly or  include  a  "using"  declaration
     (for example, using namespace rel_ops).