Man Page Sequences.3

                       Standard C++ Library
             Copyright 1998, Rogue Wave Software, Inc.


     Sequences  - A sequence is a container that organizes a  set
     of  objects of the same type into a linear arrangement. vec-
     tor, list, deque, and string fall into this category.

     Sequences  offer  different  complexity  trade-offs.  vector
     offers  fast  inserts  and  deletes from the end of the con-
     tainer. deque is useful when insertions and  deletions  take
     place at the beginning or end of the sequence. Use list when
     there are frequent insertions and deletions from the  middle
     of the sequence.


     For more information about sequences and their requirements,
     see  the  Containers section of this reference guide, or see
     the section on the specific container.